Social / Events

I have listed many ways that cornhole can be introduce to. This game will be fun anywhere and anytime!

Casual Fun

Back yard fun for everyone. if you are having a party, or maybe some family over or just a simple family night relaxing. Catching up with your kids day/life. Or simple having fun doing a nice afternoon or evening.  Kids really enjoy the play time. Adults like the joy of hanging with everyone!

Fundraisers / Contest Events

Since I have been playing cornhole I have heard and seen a lot more business, schools, churches do fundraisers with cornhole being the top event. They know that it will bring in the donations in, also a way to bring a community together at a fundraiser. With communities across the world can plan a fundraiser for  school supplies or a new gym. Or a church wants to help the community by having a friendly contest for people in the community. Winner usually gets the bragging rights for a year.

Charity Cornhole

Oh you can have so much fun with this category. We all know that now a days everyone need some kind of help or assistance. Charity Cornhole can be huge and can go big. You could charge a fee like set amount for a player or for a team joining in. Also you can do what’s called ” BAG FOR BUCKS”. This is really hard and funny all wrap up together. As the players are put in for playing in a cornhole game that they have their names put in a bag. Now the charity can give a certain amount for a prize. You reach in a bag call out a name that person will come up in front and be given two bag. They have to get those two bags in the hole. If they mix the first time they are done. But if they get the first one in or event a protentional bag, they still have a chance. Well for end result two bags in for grand prize. SO 



Now this is for the people that know the game very well. Almost can say perfected it. Knows how to throw with different techniques. They even know how to position themselves at the board.  This is what you call them “BEST OF THE BEST”. These tournaments are the very highest and cornhole players. People come all over to these major events to play. A three day tournament usually. The Golden Bag!!!!!





I know that everyone has to get out and have some fun me time. What a way to enjoy a few hours out with friend and play cornhole. That is right we have cornhole leagues swiping the nation. Most bars have them or you can use a gym. Where ever you can find a place with space and height. People do these during the week nights.  Usually they are played once a week or maybe twice a week. Where your at may have different places during the week that you may do every night. What a fun time hanging out maybe having a few cold ones ( be responsible) and maybe get a bit to eat. It definitely breaks up a work week and relaxes you.