Tips to toss a perfect bag. LET’S TOSS!!!!

 How to hold the bean bag

To properly hold a bag is very simple and easy. First place the bag flat on your palm of your hand and fingers, placing the  

thumb over the top the bag (like your holding a sandwich). Become familiar with it. Notice the weight and the 6×6 bags. I always said to myself that we are friends and partners in this cornhole game.  Once you are done its time to understand each side of the bag.

Understanding each side has a purpose:

A good cornhole bag has a Sticky side and a Dull side. Yeah, I know weird isn’t it. Stay with me on this because this going to make perfect sense once you understand both sides are used for. Cornhole isn’t just tossing a bag and hope to make it in the hole for points. You have to use strategies. You have to out think your partner. Ok so let’s get you the knowledge for throwing that perfect bag.

Tip One: Sticky side  

Sticky side is usually the side you use to not slide across the board the board or off. Normally people use this if they are throwing first to land somewhere on the board in front of the hole or exactly in front. Makes the opposite team work around your bag. Either it will make them hit your and make it go in or they will just come close to your bag to block it. This may go on for the whole game back and fourth so nobody will gain no points. But the opposite team can use the dull side (also known as SLICK SIDE)  to try out smart you. leads me to the other side of the bag

Tip Two: Dull side ( slick side)

Dull side is when you throw the bag that once it hits the board that it will slide. If you are first you can use this side if you like. If it lands at the base of board in the middle you have a good chance that it may slide right up in to the hole. But you could be off at the landing and make it go off the board. Now if the opposite team has a bag in front the hole you could throw the slick side and have a chance to take both bags in the hole to open the playing field again. See it is strategy for every play.

so now since you know that bag and know what this bag can do and its purpose lets touch base on the releasing from your hand.

How to release the bag: KEEP IT SMOOTH

Keep all movement smooth. This will help with control. You would want your arm come up from a back swing motion to the front swing and release about mid way up. This will allow it to go up in a arch form of a throw (like a rainbow but not a high rainbow). Plus never let your arm stay stiff. That will make it release like you’re bowling. And that makes you lose control of your bags. Follow through with your arm until you release. SMOOTH PERFCT BAG 

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Brandi Gavin

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